Video and Voice Over Service

Video and Voice Over Service

As Webeemo web agency, we continue to be the voice of brands since 2012. We help you take your videos and content to a new level, we provide voiceover services. We help you find the right voice and tone for your project, and create powerful voiceovers to speak your texts. We provide voiceover services for your marketing campaigns, videos, educational materials, e-learning events and many more projects.

Webeemo is an industry-leading and reliable voice-over agency. We have many corporate clients as we work with personalized voice over service and premium voice recorders. We provide you with personalized voiceover service with hundreds of voice actors in multiple languages. So you can find the best tone for your project.

Webeemo Voice Over Agency

We provide services for many industries, especially short film producer companies, multinational technology companies, fair companies, automotive companies, health sector and education sector. We have carefully selected each artist in our database of professional voice actors. This allows us to provide a unique service for almost any industry. Some of the services we provide are as follows:

Audio Description: We are announcing visual content with audio to ensure full accessibility for people with vision loss and blindness. We aim to enable people with disabilities to have full access to all technologies.

Video Games: If you want to gain global player growth in the video games you create, you must serve in more than one language. We can voice in-game texts.

Educational and e-learning materials: If you intend to teach students interactively on complex educational topics, you should present your texts aloud to them. The e-learning materials voiceover service will help you meet the accessibility requirements for your students. We can provide multimedia education for your students by voicing educational materials.

Corporate training and HR videos: You must make sure that your corporate trainings are accessible to everyone. We can make everyone benefit from the training by voicing your training videos.

Cinema: We can provide professional voice-over service for movie narration, synopsis and trailers.

Corporate videos: We can provide voice-over services for animation videos within the institution.

Presentations: Making your presentations more effective and more understandable is through vocalizing them.

Ads: No matter how well-designed your ad videos are visually, something will be missing without voice acting. We strengthen your marketing efforts by voicing your advertising videos.

Entertainment industry: If you are a company in the entertainment industry and want to maximize your worldwide appeal, you are at the right place. We choose the right voice actor to provide you with voiceover service. Our quality presentation standards and comprehensive team of voice actors are key to our international success in our voiceover service.

Even if you have a project outside of these categories, please contact us. Our voice-over team will tailor the service to your project, showing flexibility according to your specific needs. Many SMEs, working with us, received effective voice-over services and diversified their projects.


Text to Voice

Webeemo web agency is an innovative company that has mastered all aspects of digital marketing. If you want, we can create search engine optimized, effective blog posts for your business, voice these posts and turn them into videos. This action will increase the strength of your content, increasing its reach. Creating strong content, both written and verbal, will bring great benefits to your business and enable you to reach your target audience. The world of content creation is an unpredictably large and expansive one.

Our voice actors record the content in professional recording studios with advanced sound recording equipment. After you provide us with the details of your project, the necessary texts and your deadline, we can voice the sound that best suits your wishes.

While providing you with multimedia services, we work as your teammate, not as a separate agency. Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing you with the best possible service. That’s why we try to help you at every step of your project. Our experienced team and wide voice-over network can serve the needs of your project exactly. We work with you every step of the way to help you succeed. We are aware of the importance and challenges of content creation. That’s why we try to complete every project with high quality standards. We test the audio files by listening to them again to make sure the sound recording quality.

Voice Over Team

In the 12 years we have been serving, we have had hundreds of professional voice actors categorized according to the target language, gender and voice type. We only accept the highest quality voice talents and grant all our voice actors access to our professional sound studios. We also use our operations team to make post-registration arrangements. Thanks to this meticulous work, we are able to offer the most competitive voice-over services. By having the most qualified professional voice-over capabilities, we can efficiently voice over. We usually don’t need more than one recording session as our professional skills are capable of recording sound successfully in one go. This saves us time and money.

Your texts can be amplified by being voiced by highly trained professionals using ideal rhythm and tone. We will deliver the voiceover project in your preferred audio format. Turkey’s best voice over agency Webeemo is looking forward to working with you.