SEO Service

SEO Service

With the most comprehensive search engine optimization, you can increase the traffic and online visibility of your website and therefore your business. SEO increases the credibility of your website in the eyes of search engines. To meet your expectations and increase your online awareness, you need SEO strategies with measurable results, tailored to your needs. You should hand this process over to a competent web agency. Webeemo is the agency that provides the best SEO services with effective SEO strategies, extensive research process, premium backink resources and hundreds of other details.

We create your website and business goals together and meticulously convey the data and conversions to you. We keep you informed of developments by making special reports at regular intervals. Our team, which has great experience and expertise in SEO and digital advertising, has been a close follower of the Google algorithm that has changed and developed over the years and has developed dozens of unique strategies to rise in keywords.

Google Optimization

We actively use tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google My Business for your company. We aim to achieve perfect online visibility in the eyes of Google by seamlessly syncing each of the Google products with each other. We provide services for both On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. We help you identify keywords by analyzing your competitors and industry with analysis tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs. We create content suitable for your site with the data obtained from various algorithms of Google and use keywords effectively.

Analysis and Technical Audits

Analysis and Technical Audits

As Webeemo, we do not only focus on increasing organic traffic in SEO service. We are trying to convert organic traffic into revenue. With effective SEO service, you can easily increase your return on investment and income in the medium to long term. We block harmful backlinks to your website with our analysis and technical controls. We analyze and resolve hundreds of potential problems affecting your website’s ranking.

Backlink Network

Our agency has a diverse and quality backlink network. We get dofollow backlinks for your website from sites with high DA and PA values ​​and very high traffic. There are also various gov and edu sites in our backlink network. As an important part of our SEO strategy, we create white hat links and feed your website with front blogs.

Market and Keyword Research

Market and Keyword Research

One of the most important things to increase your website’s organic conversion is keyword and market research. There are many keyword analysis tools, but the right keywords cannot be found with just keyword difficulty and search volume data. You should know your target audience’s search intent and what they want to achieve. That’s why our keyword research examines SERP analytics and search query motives.

Content Optimization

Your website should have sufficient and quality content. We need to use the data we get from keyword research in the content on your site. To maximize your site’s performance and increase user focus, we must optimize the content. We will provide you with site architecture recommendations and develop internal linking strategies. Thanks to internal links and user-oriented content, your visitors will have more enjoyable time on your website.

We may review options to renew existing content on your site or to write content from scratch. Google likes refreshed and updated content. We will responsibly optimize your content as we are well aware of content and words that do not comply with Google’s usage policy.

SEO service is an unlimited organic traffic improvement process. Remember that the most qualified traffic is organic traffic. Because each of the users who visit your website through organic traffic is a potential customer from your target audience. The higher you rank on your target keywords, the more traffic your site will have. It is a known fact that 93% of searches on Google are clicked on the search results on the first page. That’s why good search engine optimization is vital for your business. With professional SEO strategies, you can save both money and time, and leave your brand awareness process to professional hands.

Why Choose Webeemo?

We have an SEO team that has a great command of every step necessary for quality SEO. Our professional SEO team, which has been in digital advertising since 2012 and carries countless sites in countless sectors to the first page, will work with the same diligence for your website. We are pleased that you are working with Webeemo, one of the best SEO agencies in Turkey, to advance your brand online. It will make us proud to guide you on your online journey, to act like a part of your team, and to be your opinion and thought partner. We will give you the best service in detailed reporting, regular status updates, strategic SEO management and more.