Logo Design Service

When you want to create a new style for your brand, you need a logo design that meets your expectations. A logo should have a simple and memorable structure and a story. The logo is the most important face of the brand. It is the logo that sums up the core values ​​and mission of the brand. Webeemo is a web agency that provides quality logo design services with simple details that can take place in the subconscious of customers.

Our agency’s graphic designers have high-level design intelligence. Our team, which will design your brand’s logo in harmony with the brand name, will add aesthetics and functionality to the logo. Because the brand’s logo can be used on boxes, notebooks, websites, bags, labels and many more. A functional logo should adapt to all areas where the logo will be used. As one of the best logo design companies, we provide our logo design service in accordance with these options.

Research and Ideation

Research and Ideation

Everyone in the Webeemo design team comes up with ideas and brainstorms for the logo to be designed. Color, texture, shape, lines and icons are considered individually and the best logo options are created by combining design intelligence and creativity. During the logo design process, the brand, trends, industry, competitors and customers are meticulously researched. Logo design requires strong creativity and inspiration. A creatively designed logo can tell a lot to customers. Ultimately, a distinctive, unique, and memorable logo is created.

While in the brainstorming phase, Webeemo conceptualizes logo designs with paper and pencil. The design team first tests how the logo fits in the physical world. After being convinced of the beauty of the design, the logo is transferred to Illustrator, that is, to digital screens. When a person takes the pen in his hand, he instinctively feels more creative and freer. Elaborating and finalizing this design is done by computer.

Logo Design Inspirations

As Turkey’s best logo design agency, we closely follow all the innovations and trends in the sector. The graphic design community, unlike any other industry in the world, values ​​both uniqueness and simplicity. Professional logo design can be inspired by nature, architecture, industries, products in the industry, competitors, trends and the combination of letters in the brand name. When everything is taken into consideration, we name the resulting design as the logo.

Simple yet unique, simple yet clever logos are engraved in the minds of customers. It is necessary to have a good logo design in order for customers to have a positive judgment about the brand at first glance. Creating a simple logo requires a higher level of design acumen than creating a complex logo. Ideation, research, and inspiration are key parts of the logo design process. But if it is desired to create a logo that will reflect the culture of the brand, more than these are needed.

We act according to your wishes

Each brand serves with different products in different sectors. Industries have varying basic colors. It is up to you, the business owners, to stick with these colors or choose to go outside the borders. You can send all the details you want to be included in the logo. We will try to reflect the power of your brand to digital by creating and using these details creatively. We can revise the logo design for the parts you don’t like or want to be changed. The important thing for Webeemo is to design a logo that will ultimately meet your wishes and create a good corporate identity for your brand.

Brands such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, FedEx, Amazon, Nutella and many more feature simply designed logos. There is a serious research and design process behind this simplicity. And just seeing blue, red, yellow and green colors together is enough to understand that the service belongs to Google. However, seeing four squares of the same colors indicates that the product is owned by Microsoft, not Google. Because simple and cleverly designed logos stick to the brand and stay in mind.

We request you to explain the details and concept of your project to us. Your key colors, ideas, industry and logo theme are of great importance to us. We need to learn about your ideas and wishes to create a unique logo concept.

Webeemo has a competent and trained graphic design team that has been working in the field of design since 2012. There are hundreds of businesses that create a corporate identity with our original designs. We have won many logo design competitions, and we have many design awards. Since we are a web agency that puts customer satisfaction at the forefront, we include our customers in the design process. Thus, mutual satisfaction is felt with the work achieved at the end of the process. Businesses working with our web agency can leave objective feedback. The feedback process, which usually results in positive references to new customers, is proof of our transparent and customer-focused work in all our services. You can check our contact page for service or information.